Additional software/vibs added to each ESXi host (drivers, firmware, misc)

This list contains S3 CloudFront backed download links. Enjoy!

I can only recommend the following for Supermicro X10SL7-F motherboard and ESXi 5.5+ The following are the result of extensive reliability and performance testing for all four hosts. Some if not most of these links are general and not specific to a X10SL7-F, but i cannot vouch for their use in such a scenario.

Note (04-09-15): CloudFront fixed re Geo-restrictions issues site round

Offline Package/VIB: {
(Updated to the latest Intel IGB drivers/softare v5.2.7 as of 051715)
vmware-esx-sas2flash.vib {
(third-party LSI software allows for LSI HBA firmware updates from within ESXi, v20.00.00.00 as of 051715)
} {
(LSI archive containing latest “9207-8.bin” firmware P20 IT and mptsas2.rom)
} {
(latest LSI drvier/software package for LSI 2308, v20. as of 051715)
*ESXi 5.5u2 latest does not contain VSAN compatable drivers, greater than v16 introduces VSAN certification, and comes with less than v16*
cpu-microcode-1.7.0-2.x86_64.vib {
(includes latest third-party errata and whatnots, v1.7.0-2 as of 051715)
} {
(latest third-party sata-xahci drivers for unsupported hardware Samsung M.2 XP941, v1.28-1 as of 051715)
esxcli-shell-1.1.0-15.x86_64.vib {
(latest third-party extended esxcli capability, v1.1.0-15 as of 051715)

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