Cooling down those hot SAS drives!

Got more aluminum today, and couldn’t resist haphazardly laying it across the top. The bottom aluminum bar is 1/4″ think, 12″ X 16″. The top bar is 1/4T 16″ X 6″. And the two aluminum finned heat-sinks are 1/4ish” thick + Fins = 1.2″ish thick, 8.5″ X 6″. The final product will be trimmed accordingly, and sandwiched together using aluminum round bars as posts.

2 thoughts on “Cooling down those hot SAS drives!”

    1. Great question, one I have jumped into… My problem is creating the heatpipes, maybe at some point I will have a proper garage. After I gave up on heatpipes I stumbled across the idea of using Linear Rail shafts with copper round rods. But the transfer of heat wouldn’t be there without the heatpipes. Those resources you posted are great, but unfortunately the costs are rather large. A place similar to the one you posted quoted me around $2,000. There just doesn’t seem to be a feasible alternative to diffusion. My current design uses posts and two 3″ blocks of aluminum. Those blocks are the backings to the two HDPLEX 250W. The goal is to hopefully show off how nice looking they are, provide some diffusion while linking the top and bottom blocks. Honestly i wish the heatpipe route was possible for me.

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