Custom Direct Attached Storage power supply testing photos (2x HDPLEX 250w)

Snapped some photos while playing around with different power supply options for C-DAS. The absolute winner is HDPLEX’s 250W Power Supplies. Currently using two generic AC Adapters, but once all the aluminum parts come in, I will probably switch to two HDPLEX 120W AC Adapters (heat is an issue here). The current and probably final configuration is three Seagate E.3 7200K 1TB SAS2 6gb disks per host, totaling 12 disks (10.91TB VSAN Datastore). The Flash storage is currently one Samsung XP941 128GB M.2 NGFF PCI-E, and won’t change until the new Intel 400GB SSD NVME cards are more available. The last photos show an “External Mini SAS SFF-8088 to four SATA” stacked, which might eventually replace the current straight SATA to SATA back-plane connections. Since External SAS is supposedly supported in vSphere 6 VSAN.

One thought on “Custom Direct Attached Storage power supply testing photos (2x HDPLEX 250w)”

  1. Wow.. I think I’m headed down a similar road as you, only openstack. Your storage, it looks like your drive chassis only takes a single molex for power, is that true? And you’re powering two each from two hdplex 120w?

    If this is true, I don’t suppose you’d be willing to share the part number of your HDD chassis and the final configuration of the hdplex parts you used? I’ve got a thermaltake that I’m not entirely fond of, and I was looking for mini psu when I saw your review on amazon on one of the hdplex products. (I appreciate the time you’ve put into maintaining this blog and the reviews!)

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