Custom Direct Attached Storage progress, final stages

In this stage I decided to switch back to two 160W HDPLEX power supplies. Those got mounted to an aluminum block, and made some custom cables. Attached the front bezel, which serves multiple purposes. First, it keeps the ICY Docks firmly in place, since there is also another bar going across the backside. It also allows the ICY Docks to tilt into place, and can easily be removed. The front bezel also covers a fractional portion of the disk LED’s making the appearance much more pleasant (25% bright).

Decided to use fancy sleeved red cables for the power (12v), which first goes through a terminal block, and then into female molex. Finally for stage three I will attach the aluminum rods to connect the top and bottom. At the same time make custom cables for the power supplies, so that everything is sleeved red. Hopefully I will figure out where to mount the two power switches, in one of the photos they are shown placed in the racks square-holes.

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