DIY Sonicwall Rack chassis

Browsing through some project photos, I realized justice wasn’t given to the DIY Sonicwall setup. The materials are extremely simple, and end up costing much less than a $400 Sonicwall made rack housing. The benefits to using one is pretty straight forward, you gain access to the ports in a convenient way. Not to mention the much desired form-factor. With a result similar to the photo.

1u Rack shelf with lower venting slits.
12 Port Patch Panel Face Cover for keystone jacks.
Ten pack of Cat6 RJ45 Keystone Jacks
Some blank keystones to be tidy
(Coax) Connector Keystone Module, if you want some nicer cable modem cable management

A whole bunch of Flat Cat6 3″ patch cables, and a ton of zip tie variety. Do note this does require real zip tie competence.

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