New LSI 2308 – 9207-8i IT Firmware (Pass-through) released

Since September 25th 2014 we haven’t seen any firmware update from LSI for 9207-8i ( Today I checked LSI’s websites and found the same P20 firmware package listed. However this time the release date was different, May 21st 2015. After looking at the archive the only thing to change was the firmware, – 9207-8.bin.
LSI Downloads Link

Inside the downloaded archive you will find “9207-8.bin” in the “firmware/HBA_9207_8i_IT” folder. Use this firmware binary to update your LSI 9207-8i based HBA with the sas2flash tool for esxi 5.5+.

Todo a rolling update place the first host in vsan maintenance mode and run the following command. Replace “<datastore>”

/opt/lsi/bin/sas2flash -o -f /vmfs/volumes/<datastore>/9207-8.bin

Reboot the host, then take it out of maintenance mode, and proceed with the next host.

So far I am seeing positive benefit to the firmware update. Do note however the 2308 driver for ESXi is still at, hopefully there will be a corresponding update soon. No release notes on changes to the firmware that I could find.

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