Raspberry Pi 2 w/Debian, Out and In band consolidated device/task management server

Recently I decided to plan out the deployment of a Raspberry Pi 2 into the LowJax cluster.  I wanted a way to centralize the management of the devices in the cluster, and be on both in-band and out. Initially Its core responsibilities would be to trap SNMP data from the UPS and PDU, as well as a consolidate the console servers for the two Lantronix Devices (four ports). The running code and scripts would be synced to a GIT repo.

The new capabilities of accessing the consoles for four devices in one SSH session, ability to fine tune shutdown and power saving scripts. For instance when on battery this Raspberry Pi could gracefully reduce the power foot print by staggering a shutting down of non-essential vms and devices. The device could also monitor essential devices, and be capable of executing an emergency routine. Add a Pi for failover…

For instance a switch fails uptime/connectivity checks, the routine would attempt all three stages of restarting it. Standard SSH command, then attempt via serial console connection, and finally send the command to the PDU to restart that powered port. In theory even the most crazy extreme case of issuing a reboot to the primary PDU via the UPS would be possible.

Once I get comfortably on the way, I will post a deep dive into its usage, and post the code repository.

RASPBIAN — Raspberry Pi Debian Wheezy (File Details)
File: 2015-02-16-raspbian-wheezy.zip
Desc: Raspberry Pi Debian Wheezy “Raspbian” image
SHA1: b71d7b61f44e9bd582df71c9be494c271c97650f
Size: 974MB
Date: 2015-02-16
Download: LowJax Cloud

External Info:

Raspberry Pi Debian Wheezy Raspbian
Raspberry Pi 2 Website

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